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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
The output from a rotating armature AC generator would be taken from
•  either the rotor or the stator.
•  the rotor.
•  the stator.

Shawez asking:
•  i cant understand the difference between output and output windings,
some questions mention output is from rotor and others output windings from stator.Am confused!!

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Module 13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
The specific gravity readings of a lead-acid cell taken twice after charging shows substantially lower value.
•  You replace the cell
•  You top up the cell with distilled water
•  Cell is defective

MridulDev asking:
•  is this question tricky or this question is acting devil, why can't "replacing the cell" be a right answer. but i consider both answer to be correct. if any one can lighten up then that would be wonderful.

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Module 13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
A radar antenna is facing left. On ground test, if you move the vertical gyro to simulate a right bank, the antenna
•  will not move
•  will move down
•  will move up

MridulDev asking:
•  Help please! can any body picture this?

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A 3, 5 and 2 ohms resistance is connected in series with a 10 V battery. The voltage across the 2 ohms resistor is
•  2 V.
•  10V.
•  4 V.

Jacopo asking:
•  Someone could explain pls?

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Module 1. Mathematics
3 3/4 + 4 2/3 =
•  7 5/12
•  7 5/7
•  8 5/12

nadeem asking:
•  Please write your comment here.

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