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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
An example of a paramagnetic material is
•  silver.
•  iron.
•  glass.

obrien99 asking:
•  Surely this is incorrect too.
iron would fall into the ferromagnet group
silver would fall into the diamagnetic group
glass would fall into the paramagnetic group

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
The average value of 100 volts peak AC is
•  70.7 volts.
•  141. 4 volts.
•  63.7 volts.

obrien99 asking:
•  I think this might be incorrect.
i assume the question is looking for the rms value?
the formula for rms is -
peak voltage x 0.707
peak voltage / 1.414

both formulas give 70.7 as the answer

am i missing something?

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Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
When aligning an aircraft for a compass swing, the maximum allowable error is
•  1 degrees.
•  3 degrees.
•  5 degrees.

Edigno92 asking:
•  Why?

Community comments: 0
Module 14. Propulsion
A fuel flow transmitter requires a motor or a synchronous motor to have a
•  constant voltage within small tolerances
•  constant frequency within small tolerances
•  low EMF as it is immersed in fuel

Mihir Somaia asking:
•  Can someone please explain.

Community comments: 0
Module 14. Propulsion
An increase in fuel flow through the impeller type fuel flow transmitter is measured by
•  drum lags impeller
•  impeller lags turbine
•  decreasing angle between the two

Mihir Somaia asking:
•  Can someone please explain.

Community comments: 0
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