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Module 1. Mathematics
(x + y)^2 / (x + y)^8 has a base and exponent of
•  (x + y)^10.
•  (x + y)^-6.
•  (x + y)^1/4

saroj101 asking:
•  is this is nt worng question?

Community comments: 2
Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
The type of fluid in an oleo strut will depend upon
•  the type of seal material.
•  heat generated in operation of the system.
•  type of fluid most readily available.

Trevordodd asking:
•  i thought the answer to this question was type of seal material, does anyone know why its heat generated in operation as the type of fluid may break the seal down.

Community comments: 0
Module 2. Physics
When light rays enter a medium with a different refractive index they
•  change direction.
•  reflect.
•  change speed.

Richiegeee asking:
•  Will it not change direction too?

Community comments: 1
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
On a high winged aircraft in a banked turn, which of the following are true?
•  The down-going wing loses lift causing a stabilizing effect.
•  The up-going wing loses lift causing a stabilizing effect.
•  The wing dihedral causes a stabilizing effect.

Kerongeorge asking:
•  Please explain this.

Community comments: 1
Module 7. Maintenance practices
At which frequency is the calibration of frequently used crimping tools carried out?
•  Bi-annually
•  Annually
•  Every 1000 crimps

marcoff asking:
•  How do I know when 1000 crimps were made?
The right answer should be every x time?

Community comments: 1
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