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Module 12. Helicopter aerodynamics, structures and systems
The stalling speed of an helicopter blade
•  does not change.
•  is increased when the helicopter is heavier.
•  is increased when the helicopter is lighter.

YukonGhetto asking:
•  Blade stall is more likely when the HC is heavier. Does that not mean that the stalling speed of the blade is increased when the HC is lighter and will stall at a lower speed when the HC is heavier? Just getting ready for my A3 and this is confusing me!

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Module 5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
An 8 data input multiplexer has how many Data Select lines?
•  8.
•  3.
•  2.

Shawez asking:
•  Can anyone explain how?

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Module 4. Electronic fundamentals
In a diode clamper, if the resistor is removed making the time constant equal to C x r where r is the reverse resistance of the diode, this will ensure a
•  long time constant.
•  short time constant.
•  Very Long Time Constant.

zaid asking:
•  i dont understand this question can anyone plzz explain it ?

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Module 9. Human factors
Consumption of alcohol
•  increases mental and physical reaction times.
•  has no affect upon mental and physical reaction times.
•  decreases mental and physical reaction times.

Dsutt0n asking:
•  Help with this one?

Community comments: 4
Module 2. Physics
The landing speed of an aircraft is 54 m/s. If the maximum deceleration is 3m/s2 the minimum length of runway required is
•  360m.
•  486m.
•  162m.

visco421 asking:
•  solve pls

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