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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
Turbine engine components are never manufactured by
•  electrical resistance welding.
•  argon arc welding.
•  gas welding.

ggmu asking:
•  difference in argon arc and gas welding in regards to turbine engine?

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A 10 ohm resistor has a 14.14 V peak drop across it. What power is dissipated?
•  19.99 W.
•  10 W.
•  1.414 W.

MridulDev asking:
•  how?

Community comments: 2
Module 5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
In a single mode fibreoptic cable
•  several waves travel down the cable.
•  the diameter of the cable is dependent on the wavelength of the light used.
•  the distortion of the signal is dependent on the length of cable.

MridulDev asking:
•  how is this?

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
During any stabilised running condition, the spill or half ball valve is
•  always varying between fully closed and fully seated.
•  lightly seated.
•  open fully.

ggmu asking:
•  is it similar to bleed valve?

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
With a fixed throttle in a climb
•  RPM will increase.
•  RPM will remain constant.
•  RPM will decrease.

ggmu asking:
•  explaination?

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