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Module 1. Mathematics
What is the depth of water in the tank shown if the volume of water is 4000 litres?

•  50 cm
•  80 cm
•  5 m

skirthisinghe asking:
•  pls explain me

Community comments: 1
Module 1. Mathematics
What is the depth of a rectangular tank whose volume is 40 m^3. and has a base 5m by 10m?
•  0.08m
•  80cm
•  8m

skirthisinghe asking:
•  pls explainan me

Community comments: 0
Module 6. Materials & hardware
A non-electrolytic chemical treatment for aluminium alloys to increase corrosion resistance and paint bonding qualities is called
•  alodizing.
•  anodizing.
•  dichromating.

Crystal asking:
•  Why not anodizing?

Community comments: 2
Module 14. Propulsion
In a FADEC system, active control switchover occurs
•  on engine startup only.
•  when channels A and B are healthy.
•  on shutdown.

Crystal asking:
•  I think the correct answer is ON SHUTDOWN.
I found the below explanation from a different site.
On the CF6 FADEC, each startup uses an alternative channel.But the switch-over occurs on shutdown of the previous run.The reason for this is that the switch-over at start up might interrupt the start-up sequence.

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Module 14. Propulsion
What is the pressure increase over one stage of a centrifugal compressor?
•  5:1
•  1.2:1
•  8:1

Crystal asking:
•  I think the answer is 8:1 because Jeppesen Gas Turbine Powerplant quotes the latest modern centrifugal compressor as having a pressure ratio of 10:1

Community comments: 0
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