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Module 2. Physics
A process where temperature remains the same is known as
•  isobaric.
•  isochoric.
•  isothermic.

Max_Bellamy asking:
•  I am a bit confused with meaning of isobaric, isochoric, isothermic

Community comments: 2
Module 9. Human factors
What is a latent failure?
•  A mistake that has already been made, but has not yet caused an accident.
•  Receiving bad instruction from a manager who is out of touch with maintenance.
•  A failure which could not have been predicted.

Adrianstalin asking:
•  Strongly disagree

Community comments: 2
Module 2. Physics
An aircraft of 2 metric tonnes uses 800 kilojoules kinetic energy to make an emergency stop. Its brakes apply a force of 10 kiloNewtons. What distance does it travel before it comes to a stop?
•  40mm.
•  800mm.
•  80m.

Azfar asking:
•  I need some explanation for this..i got the answer 2metres

Community comments: 3
Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
How are passenger reading lights normally tested?
•  By using a READ LIGHT TEST switch on the cabin attendant panel.
•  Each one is switched on individually at passenger panel.
•  By using a READ LIGHT TEST switch at any passenger panel.

dyane_july86 asking:
•  Y? Based on aircraft I work . Its answer should be B

Community comments: 2
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
In straight and level flight, the angle of attack of a swept wing is
•  less than the aircraft angle to the horizontal.
•  more than the aircraft angle to the horizontal.
•  the same as the aircraft angle to the horizontal.

faris92 asking:
•  can someone explain ?

Community comments: 0
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