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Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
The amount of thrust produced by a jet engine or a propeller can be calculated using
•  Newton’s 3rd law.
•  Newton’s 2nd law.
•  Newton’s 1st law.

sierra3 asking:
•  why?

Community comments: 1
Module 2. Physics
A passive sensor
•  does not require power.
•  requires power for the sensor.
•  requires power for the transmitter.

Markfilletti asking:
•  What is a Passive sensor?

Community comments: 2
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Excessive stress on fluid or pneumatic metal tubing caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature changes can best be avoided by
•  providing bends in the tubing.
•  using short, straight sections of tubing between fixed parts of the structure of the aircraft.
•  not subjecting the aircraft to sudden changes in temperature.

ravi.0813 asking:
•  The answer should be 'providing bends in the tubing.
Ref.:- page 114 of AC65-9A.

Community comments: 0
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Which of the following is the definition of cure time?
•  The period after which the surface of the compound no longer exhibits adhesive properties.
•  The time required for the mixed compound to reach an initial rubbery state.
•  Both answers are correct.

ravi.0813 asking:
•  I think the answer should be either A or B.
This is the ref.

Community comments: 1
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
Deployment of flaps will result in
•  a decrease in stall angle.
•  an increase in stall angle.
•  a decrease in angle of attack.

sasna asking:
•  is the reason for this is increase in drag??/

Community comments: 1
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