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Module 1. Mathematics
The characteristic of Log 0.698 is
•  -2.
•  -1.
•  1.

saroj101 asking:
•  who is characteristic is calculated ...i am little bit confused..??

Community comments: 1
Module 1. Mathematics
Cos A =

•  0.6
•  0.8
•  1.2

andyrhcp104 asking:
•  How can you work this out without a calculator?

Community comments: 3
Module 2. Physics
A ram has a piston with 2 in2. Another ram with a piston of 4 in2 will provide
•  the same force.
•  double the force.
•  square the force.

gyorwarth asking:
•  Hi, I could do with some help on this question. I have not see this method of specifying a ram and piston combination. What is the difference between a "2 in2" and a "4 in2" piston, are the designations relating to piston and rod diameter? Thanks, Graeme.

Community comments: 2
Module 2. Physics
A cylinder filled with water to half a metre will exert a pressure of
•  4.9 Pa.
•  4900 Pa.
•  49 Pa.

Richiegeee asking:
•  Hi, can someone please explain?

Community comments: 2
Module 2. Physics
A spring, operating within its elastic range, shortens by 60mm when a load of 480N is applied to it. Calculate the total shortening when the load is increased by 120N
•  82mm.
•  45mm.
•  75mm.

Richiegeee asking:
•  Hi, can someone give me the formula to calculate this?

Community comments: 3
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