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Module 2. Physics
A convex mirror forms a virtual image when
•  the object is at the centre of curvature.
•  the object is inside the focus.
•  always.

satishpandey asking:
•  Concave form virtual always ..even convex image as well?

Community comments: 1
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Where the edge of a new fabric section will be located within 1 inch of a structural member to which the fabric is attached by rib lacing or other methods, the new fabric section should
•  be extended 3 inches past the structural member.
•  be extended to meet the structural member.
•  be designated a major repair.

cpster asking:
•  this is wrong answer should be "be extended 3 inch past the structure member"

Community comments: 1
Module 6. Materials & hardware
When does an aircraft fabric covering repair become a major repair?
•  When the repair extends over a wing rib.
•  When the repair extends over three adjacent wing ribs.
•  When the repair extends over two adjacent wing ribs.

cpster asking:
•  the answer should be when the repair extends over two adjavent wing ribs..

Community comments: 2
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Spilled mercury on aluminium
•  increases susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement
•  may cause impaired corrosion resistance if left in prolonged contact.
•  causes rapid and severe corrosion in prolonged contact.

cpster asking:
•  Why not the third option is correct ???

Community comments: 1
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Hydraulic pipes are made from
•  1100 or 2020 H14.
•  annealed steel.
•  5056 or 7075.

cpster asking:
•  why do we use annealed steel ...as far as i know annealed steel are soft...

Community comments: 1
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