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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
An example of a paramagnetic material is
•  silver.
•  iron.
•  glass.

fabio.cossi asking:
•  wrog!!

Community comments: 3
Module 6. Materials & hardware
Worm drives operate in shafts which are
•  90 degrees to each other and in a differing plane.
•  90 degrees to each other and in the same plane.
•  parallel to each other and in the same plane.

satishpandey asking:
•  Difference between axis and plane of gears?

Community comments: 1
Module 10. Aviation legislation
With reference to the licensing of aircraft maintenance engineers, the requirements for the issue of a licence without type rating can be found in
•  BCAR section L.
•  EASA IR Part-66.
•  Airworthiness Notices.

starwas22 asking:
•  Is this right answer? BCAR section L was superceded to IR Part 66.

Community comments: 0
Module 9. Human factors
Which of the following is true?
•  Noise affects the standard of work proportionately with the level of the noise.
•  Noise does not affect a person's standard of work.
•  Noise does affect the standard of work with certain people.

ssdr1999 asking:
•  I think option A is correct. does anyone agree?

Community comments: 4
Module 1. Mathematics
What is the characteristic of 5.74?
•  -1
•  0
•  1

satishpandey asking:
•  whats 5.74 ?

Community comments: 2
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