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Module 2. Physics
A ram has a piston with 2 in2. Another ram with a piston of 4 in2 will provide
•  the same force.
•  double the force.
•  square the force.

gyorwarth asking:
•  Hi, I could do with some help on this question. I have not see this method of specifying a ram and piston combination. What is the difference between a "2 in2" and a "4 in2" piston, are the designations relating to piston and rod diameter? Thanks, Graeme.

Community comments: 2
Module 2. Physics
A cylinder filled with water to half a metre will exert a pressure of
•  4.9 Pa.
•  4900 Pa.
•  49 Pa.

Richiegeee asking:
•  Hi, can someone please explain?

Community comments: 2
Module 2. Physics
A spring, operating within its elastic range, shortens by 60mm when a load of 480N is applied to it. Calculate the total shortening when the load is increased by 120N
•  82mm.
•  45mm.
•  75mm.

Richiegeee asking:
•  Hi, can someone give me the formula to calculate this?

Community comments: 3
Module 1. Mathematics
(x + y)^2 / (x + y)^8 has a base and exponent of
•  (x + y)^10.
•  (x + y)^-6.
•  (x + y)^1/4

saroj101 asking:
•  is this is nt worng question?

Community comments: 3
Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
The type of fluid in an oleo strut will depend upon
•  the type of seal material.
•  heat generated in operation of the system.
•  type of fluid most readily available.

Trevordodd asking:
•  i thought the answer to this question was type of seal material, does anyone know why its heat generated in operation as the type of fluid may break the seal down.

Community comments: 1
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