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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
Two inductive coils are placed in close proximity with each other at 90 degrees. The number of flux linkages is
•  0.
•  maximum negative.
•  maximum positive.

arifadli8 asking:
•  explain..

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
If the current reaches a maximum through an inductor of 2A in 15 seconds, what is the current after 3 seconds?
•  1.26A.
•  0.63A.
•  1A.

arifadli8 asking:
•  how??

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
If a capacitor 1µF and an inductor 10mH are connected in parallel what is their approximate resonant frequency?
•  1.6 kHz.
•  62 Hz.
•  3.2 MHz.

arifadli8 asking:
•  how??

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Module 10. Aviation legislation
On completion of a major modification to an EASA aircraft, for the purposes of a flight test
•  issue a Certificate of Fitness to Fly since the C of A has been invalidated.
•  the C of A is valid providing it is still within the date shown on it.
•  issue a Permit to Fly.

nazifong asking:
•  As we all know major modification will require investigation by CAA because it affects performance, handling or limitation of the aircraft. So, C of A will automatically becomes invalid, thus Coff under 'A' condition is needed. But if the modification changes the Type Status, then it must fly under 'B' condition and a certificate of clearance is needed.

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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A 200 volt motor is taking 10 amperes armature current, the armature resistance is 0.1 ohm. The Back- EMF under these conditions will be
•  201 volts.
•  199 volts.
•  1 volt.

arifadli8 asking:
•  How???

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