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Module 10. Aviation legislation
A major mod is carried out. The C of A
•  is suspended until the mod is carried out and the time is added on to the C of A.
•  is not effected.
•  becomes invalid.

nairs asking:

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Module 4. Electronic fundamentals
The capacitance of a varactor diode is
•  inversely proportional with reverse bias voltage.
•  a linear function of applied reverse bias voltage.
•  directly related to the forward bias voltage.

mcreedengineer asking:
•  As reverse voltage increases, depletion layer and therefore capacitance increases proportionally. Am I missing something here?

Community comments: 3
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
If an aircraft is yawing left, the trim tab on the rudder would be positioned
•  to the right, moving the rudder left.
•  to the centre.
•  to the left, moving the rudder right.

yobitch asking:
•  Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Community comments: 11
Module 8. Basic aerodynamics
Due to the interference of the airflow on a high wing aircraft between the fuselage and the wings, the lateral stability of the aircraft in a gusty wind situation will cause
•  the upper wing to increase its lift.
•  the upper wing to decrease its lift.
•  the lower wing to decrease its lift.

ggmu asking:
•  uhmm more detailed explanation plz?

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
A free turbine is
•  not directly connected to the power output shaft.
•  connected directly to the propeller and compressor.
•  connected directly to the power output shaft.

vinn787 asking:
•  how is a free turbine connected to power output shaft

Community comments: 2
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