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Module 10. Aviation legislation
The period of validity of an EASA C of A is
•  as stated on certificate.
•  36 months.
•  indefinite.

nairs asking:
•  idefinite C of A ???????????????????

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Module 10. Aviation legislation
Category C licensed engineers are backed up by
•  engineers holding existing BCAR section-L licence in the appropriate category.
•  hanger based cat B1 and B2 licensed maintenance technicians and mechanics with appropriate type ratings.
•  cat B1 and B2 technicians with type rating.

nairs asking:
•   I believe Cat C LAE are of base maintenance, hence hanger based looks to be the right ans.

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Module 15. Gas turbine engine
A scavenge filter is incorporated in a gas turbine lubrication system to
•  protect the scavenge pump.
•  protect the oil cooler.
•  protect the pressure pump.

nazifong asking:
•  The function of the scavenge filter is to protect the scavenge pump as the filter is situated before scavenge pump.

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Module 13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
Automatic trim is used to
•  allow full authority to be regained by the aileron
•  maintain level flight
•  prevents standing loads on the elevator

Gibbo280490 asking:

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Module 13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
on power up, the IRS obtains position
•  latitude and longitude from previous position
•  longitude from previous position
•  latitude from previous position

Gibbo280490 asking:
•  I have read many conflicting answers on the net and i thought i came to the decision it was LAT, any explanations?

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