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Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
What polarity do interpoles take in a DC motor?
•  Either, provided they lay on the MNA.
•  The same as the next main pole ahead in the direction of rotation.
•  The same as the next main pole behind in the direction of rotation.

Apathy asking:
•  Can someone explain this?

Community comments: 0
Module 1. Mathematics
If y/x = 4 and y = 5 then x =
•  4/5.
•  1 1/4.
•  20.

serg20444 asking:
•  y/x=4, x=4y when y=5 x=20.

Community comments: 1
Module 11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
Stalling speed in a 15 degrees bank level turn is 60kt. The stalling speed in a 45 degrees bank level turn will be
•  70 kts.
•  60 kts.
•  50 kts.

Malohastaelhueso asking:
•  How do I calculate stalling speed? Please any help will do thanks

Community comments: 2
Module 2. Physics
A body drops from 10m, it will hit the ground in
•  1 Second.
•  2 seconds.
•  square_root(2 seconds).

Ptarbin asking:
•  What formula is used for this?

Community comments: 2
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
A 10:1 step up power transformer has 120 V, and 3A flowing through the primary, and 0.285 A flowing through the secondary what is the efficiency?
•  90%.
•  95%.
•  85%.

minnesota asking:
•  can somebody pls explain that with a formula

Community comments: 1
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