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Module 5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
An 8 data input multiplexer has how many Data Select lines?
•  8.
•  3.
•  2.

Shawez asking:
•  Can anyone explain how?

Community comments: 1
Module 4. Electronic fundamentals
In a diode clamper, if the resistor is removed making the time constant equal to C x r where r is the reverse resistance of the diode, this will ensure a
•  long time constant.
•  short time constant.
•  Very Long Time Constant.

zaid asking:
•  i dont understand this question can anyone plzz explain it ?

Community comments: 0
Module 9. Human factors
Consumption of alcohol
•  increases mental and physical reaction times.
•  has no affect upon mental and physical reaction times.
•  decreases mental and physical reaction times.

Dsutt0n asking:
•  Help with this one?

Community comments: 4
Module 2. Physics
The landing speed of an aircraft is 54 m/s. If the maximum deceleration is 3m/s2 the minimum length of runway required is
•  360m.
•  486m.
•  162m.

visco421 asking:
•  solve pls

Community comments: 0
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals
An inductor of resistance 5 kO and inductance 2mH is connected to a DC circuit. The time constant is
•  400 ns.
•  10 seconds.
•  40 ms.

Shawez asking:
•  can anyone please explain? thanks

Community comments: 0
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