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1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Electrical fundamentals
4. Electronic fundamentals
5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
6. Materials & hardware
7. Maintenance practices
8. Basic aerodynamics
9. Human factors
10. Aviation legislation
11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
12. Helicopter aerodynamics, structures and systems
13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
14. Propulsion
15. Gas turbine engine
17. Propeller
Last comments in Q&A
dimky left comment on Shawez's question:
And please read about power here: http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/alternating-current/chpt-11/true-reactive-and-apparent-power/

dimky left comment on Shawez's question:
Hello ggmu.

True power in this circuit is only in resistor.
So you have to calculate voltage drop across resistor and then use your formula, or you can use formula provided in my first post. Hope that helps.

pramod left comment on pramod's question:
where is answer in my comment box

ggmu left comment on Shawez's question:
How abt P=IV = 2 * 10 = 20w ? Guide me thanks :)

dimky left comment on Jeff2015's question:

Extending flaps you are increasing lift of the aircraft. Lift is affected by man factors, including coefficient of lift. To maintain the lift after extending flaps (increased Cl) you have to decrease something, airspeed for example. But airspeed is not given as an answer. To change Cl you can also change your angle of attack by lowering the nose. This will decrease Cl and as result you will maintain your lift at constant level. Hope that helps.
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