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1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Electrical fundamentals
4. Electronic fundamentals
5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
6. Materials & hardware
7. Maintenance practices
8. Basic aerodynamics
9. Human factors
10. Aviation legislation
11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
12. Helicopter aerodynamics, structures and systems
13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
14. Propulsion
15. Gas turbine engine
17. Propeller
Last comments in Q&A
Apavlenko left comment on soonhchong's question:
The time between overhauls is 4 years, but this not life. Mistakes are in answers.

engAB left comment on ikkyu9's question:
Correction you are increasing the difference between Vo and Vi which is the gas velocity at the exhaust and at th intake respectivly; by doing so you're increasing A in the formula and by doing so increasing thrust

engAB left comment on ikkyu9's question:
By going back to the Thrust formula you can see that:
Where Vo is the velocity of the gas at the nozzle, therefore if you increase it you are decreasing A which is acceleration and since they are in direct proportion, the result is reduced propulsive efficency

sjklm007 left comment on Shawez's question:

samuel kabui left comment on JIVITESH's question:
Thanks guys
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