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1. Mathematics
2. Physics
3. Electrical fundamentals
4. Electronic fundamentals
5. Digital techniques / Electronic instrument systems
6. Materials & hardware
7. Maintenance practices
8. Basic aerodynamics
9. Human factors
10. Aviation legislation
11. Aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems
12. Helicopter aerodynamics, structures and systems
13. Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems
14. Propulsion
15. Gas turbine engine
17. Propeller
Last comments in Q&A
dimky has left comment on serg20444's question:
Really? :)

JCLARK1981 has left comment on Giovane's question:
This may help you

Malohastaelhueso has left comment on Malohastaelhueso 's question:
Thank you, I'll stick with this one.

dimky has left comment on Malohastaelhueso 's question:
In questions like that first you have to calculate stall speed with bank angle 0.
And then you can calculate stall speed for 45 degrees bank angle.
As in 15 degrees stall speed increase is very small, regular stall speed will be around 59kt. At 45 degrees stall speed factor is 1.19 so stall speed will be 59 * 1.19 what equals around 70kt.
Here is good article with formulas what explains everything: http://www.experimentalaircraft.info/flight-planning/aircraft-stall-speed-1.php

MridulDev has left comment on MridulDev's question:
Self correction: there's no such think such as replaceable lead acid cell.(study a/c lead acid battery in detail u'll know). Hence "cell is defective" has to be right answer in this case.
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saroj101 finished 3. Electrical fundamentals with 83% result.
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